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Children's Cancer Aid & Research Institute


The programs and services of CCARI are grounded in supporting research programs, clinics, and hospitals that provide ongoing treatment for childhood cancer and life-threatening diseases; and providing medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and clinics.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
St. Jude's received grants and support for their pediatric treatment and research programs. Their cancer discoveries have completely changed how the world treats children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. St. Jude has some of the most gifted researchers in the world who have have had amazing breakthrough research into treating children with cancer. The toughestr cases in the world are sent to St. Jude for treatment and no one pays more than their insurance covers and those without insurance are never asked to pay.


Cancer Research Wellness Institute
The Cancer Research Wellness Institute is one of the leading providers of educational programs, lectures, and informational materials about effective non-toxic cancer therapy that has been proven and has cured thousands of people worldwide throughout the past three quarters of a century. The Gerson Therapy is the most powerful, thoroughly documented, scientifically based of all "alternative" therapies in existence, and it is available to all who need its benefits. In addition, patients needing inpatient therapy treatment can be referred to a center nearest to them. Educational materials are made available to the general public.


Destiny Medical Fund
Located in the Philippines receives grants ans support monthly for their medical projects at hospitals and clinics throughout the Philippines that treat cancer and other degenerative diseases.The Destiny Medical Fund supports programs at 20 hospitals and clinics in the Cebu Region. Thousands of patients are helped each year. Free cancer examinations are funded each month for patients in the Province of Cebu.  An educational TV program called the "Cancer Show" reaches all homes in the Province of Cebu.  Medical supplies, medical equipment and humanitarian aid are distributed to hospitals and clinics that treat cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Esperanza De Vida (Hope Of Life)
Provides medical supplies, medical equipment and humanitarian aid to be used by those in need in hospitals and clinics in Guatemala that treat cancer and other degenerative diseases. The hospitals and clinics provide much needed medical care to many of the needy and disadvantaged people of their areas; charging only the minimum amount, or in most cases nothing, for fees needed to provide the medical care. The regions they serve are some of the over twenty targeted areas by the World Health Organization to combat various degenerative diseases. Some diseases are spreading at epidemic rates. The lack of properly equipped medical facilities and medical supplies further contributes to the ongoing challenge of saving lives. Esperanza De Vida distributes medical supplies to 5 hospitals in the Zacapa Region that treat approximately 60,000 diabetics, 23,000 cancer patients and 25,000 children yearly.

Casa De La Amistad

Receives grants and support to help children with cancer at their hospital in Mexico City.  The program provides total support to underprivileged children and teenagers suffering from cancer in Mexico.  Casa De La Amistad  provides a personal bedroom with its own bathroom, clothes, groceries, special diet, personal hygiene articles, medical screening, treatment for all types of cancer that attacks children, and round trip transportation to and from the hospital.  Casa De La Amistad doesn't turn any children away because of finances.